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We integrate business process and technology to optimize customer experience.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a strategic partnership that will ensure the optimization of your entire dealership’s operation. We believe that customer experience and proactive employee involvement are at the heart of success and that it is imperative to define and plan for them in order to become more efficient.

Here are a few crucial questions to answer in order to lay the foundations for effective dealership management
  1. Do your employees have the technology solutions in place to meet your manufacturer’s requirements and support the customer experience necessary for your dealership’s success?
  2. What processes are in place to ensure the success of your dealership’s fixed operations and sales departments?
  3. How do these same processes allow you to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction, while ensuring the profitability of your organization?
  4. How much employee involvement and commitment is required to maintain each of these processes on a daily basis?
  5. How do you ensure the stability and flow of operations and your ability to execute work to make it more predictable
  6. What are your strategies for establishing and maintaining continuity and sustainability of existing processes?
Affaires automobiles

KPI Dealer Solutions,
in search of 10/10

A new company with decades of experience? KPI Dealer Solutions (KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator) is the brainchild of Benoit Deguire and Michael Giguere.

Affaires automobiles

KPI Dealer Solutions

Benoit Deguire and Michael Giguère are the founders of KPI Dealer Solutions. The two partners and friends grew up in the world of dealer management software (DMS/CRM) and digital data platforms (DMP/CDP).

A Team of Experts


Analysis & diagnosis of administrative management and after-sales service processes

Training & Coaching

Managers and Support Staff


Accounting, Parts & Service


Human Resource Recruitment Accounting & Fixed Operations


Take advantage of a complete analysis of your needs.

“KPI Dealer Solutions believes that the foundation for a successful (Lean) transformation inevitably involves a comprehensive assessment of the dealer’s objectives, a functional analysis and a thorough diagnosis of the departments involved. “

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