KPI Solutions Concessionnaire


Expertise in Administration and Accounting

  • Complete job training for new administrative employees (Controller, Clerk, Sales Admin.)
  • Training for a controller coming from a non-automotive industry or from a dealership using another DMS than Keyloop/Serti or CDK
  • Coaching in daily, monthly and annual bookkeeping and analysis tasks
  • Optimization and additional coaching following a DMS conversion to Keyloop/Serti or CDK
  • Development of tools, work methods and analysis requests
  • Analysis of the presentation of information in the financial statements
  • Analysis of debalancing with third party companies (Group Insurance, F&I products, CPA, Union Dues, Pension Funds, etc.)
  • Analysis of current DMS configuration at the accounting level and modification as needed (often related to parts, services or sales)
  • Reorganization of expenses and their configurations
  • Implementation of procedures for standardization of a group during an acquisition
  • Support for parts inventory

Consultation Service

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the dealer’s objectives.
  • Functional analysis and in-depth diagnosis of parts & services departments. DMS Keyloop/Serti, and CDK
  • Validation of procedures, mapping of internal and external processes and systems.
  • Evaluation and validation of tasks according to the employee’s role.
  • Measuring the execution of customer satisfaction
  • Identify and target the gaps, methodology (Fix-It-Right-The-First-Time).
  • Analyze the impacts (added value, lost revenue and time) VS the customer experience.
  • Partial or complete restructuring according to identified needs.
  • Establish an action plan for the organization of resources and procedures.
  • Establish key performance indicators to validate results and performance

Training & Coaching

  • Overall evaluation of the existing staff.
  • Organization and segmentation of employees’ daily tasks
  • Coaching and mentoring plan according to the needs of the employees (existing or new) DMS Keyloop/Serti or CDK 
  • Application and reinforcement of industry best practices.
  • Periodic reporting and recommendations to managers.
  • Continuous or punctual follow-up according to established priorities (virtual and in dealership)

DMS, CRM, IP IVR Systems Optimization

  • Evaluation and validation of existing systems.
  • Optimize and harmonize the use of systems DMS Keyloop/Serti, CDK, CRM’s
    and IP Telephony IVR in relation to (processes, employees and the OEM’s)
  • Assistance during the implementation of new technologies.
  • Operational support.

Human Resource Recruitment Support

  • Discussion with management (profile, skills, job description)
  • Assistance during the hiring process of the desired candidate
  • Coaching and mentoring plan tailored to the position to be filled
  • Establish and prepare a contingency plan to ensure business continuity
  • Temporary replacement according to needs and availability.
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